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Welcome to The Mystic Cauldron!

We have a huge selection of Pagan, Wiccan, Hoodoo & Witchcraft supplies, including candles oils, books, jewelry, talismans, music, and much, much, more For All Your Magickal Needs! We are always adding new products, so check back often!

We've been serving the magical community since 2002, and provide Reliable Customer Service, Excellent Prices, & Secure Shopping.

New 2020 Calendars and Date Books.

Alchemy Gothic Wall Calendar

We also carry Gothic merchandise on our sister site The Gothic Closet!

I am terrible at keeping up with blogging, but check it out for some interesting stuff at http://mysticcauldron.wordpress.com/.


Anklets Bracelets Bronze Masks
Circlets & Henge Bands Earrings Necklaces
Pendants Pentagrams Rings
Steampunk Odds & Ends Talismans, Amulets & Charms

Altar Cloths Altar Tiles & Tables Athames
Bath Products Bells Bowls
Candle Holders Candle Snuffers & Accessories Cauldrons
Chalices Crystal Balls & Stands Crystals & Stones
Herbs Incense Burners & Accessories Incense - Granular
& Powdered
Incense Sticks Mortar & Pestles Oils
Oil Warmers Quills, Inks, & Paper Scourges
Smudge Supplies Spell Kits Wands

Colognes Mojo & Root Supplies More Magic Supplies
Powders, Dirts, Sweeps, & Salts Quills, Inks, & Paper Voodoo Dolls, Poppets, Doll Babies
Washes & Waters

Charged Candles Charm & Goddess Candles Fairy Dust Candles
Figure Candles Mini Chime Candles Reiki Charged Candles
Seven Day Jar Candles Tapers Votive Candles

Black Mirrors Pendulums Runes
Spirit Boards Tarot Decks

Baphomet Statues Celtic Deities Egyptian Deities
Fairies Gargoyles Greek Deities
Norse Deities Other Cool Statues Plaques

Afterlife & Ghosts Almanacs & Calendars Angels
Animals & Familiars Aromatherapy Astral Projection
Astrology Books of Shadows & Journals Book Stands
Celtic & Druidism Crystals & Gems Divination
Dreams Egyptian Fairies
Healing Herbs, Incense & Oils Left Hand Path
Magick & Occult Meditation, Chakras & Kundalini Miscellaneous Subjects
Mythology & Gods Necromancy Norse Traditions
Pagan & Wicca Psychic Development Santeria, Hoodoo & Voodoo
Shamanism Spellcrafting

Meditation & Instructional CDs Music CDs Video & DVDs

Boxes & Cabinets Car Tags Charm Bags & Pouches
Cross Stitch Charts More Cool Stuff Orgonite
Posters & Art Umbrellas Vials, Bottles, Jars & Droppers

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