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DVDs on magical and supernatural topics as well as instructional videos on a variety of subjects such as crystals, candle magic, herbs, Reiki and more!.

Find videos by your favorite authors such as Peter Paddon, Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham.

Witchcraft Rebirth of the Old Religion DVD

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Witchcraft Rebirth of the Old Religion

A new look at the Old Religion-now available on DVD! Despite horrible abuse and repression, Witchcraft has managed to survive for centuries. Wiccan Priest Raymond Buckland traces the roots of pre-history Wicca to its modern-day practice in his enlightening Witchcraft documentary-now digitally re-mastered and available on DVD! This updated release features an actual coven of Witches in action, performing rituals of old. Witness a "Self Dedication Ritual," uncover the mysteries of the Sacred Circle, and learn why the "Craft of the Wise" is still attracting a dedicated following today. By Buckland, Ray

Our Price $24.95

Illuminated Chakras DVD

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Illuminated Chakras

Illuminated Chakras is the instructional DVD that will help you awaken the chakras with fantastic sound and light, and experience the elemental realities within each chakra as earth, fire, water, sound, light and transcendent consciousness. Anodea Judith.

Our Price $19.95

Herb Magic DVD

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Herb Magic

Now available for the first time on DVD, Scott Cunningham's ultimate course in herbalism introduces the timeless practices of herb magic as taught by this mater herbalist and renowned author. With his expert guidance, you'll gain the skills needed to practice herb magic anywhere and anytime to attract positive energy and enjoy a richer life.

Step by step, you'll learn how to release the vital energy within these amazingly versatile platns for improved health, psychic awareness, happiness, prosperity, and much more. Join Scott as he tours a working herb farm and learn firsthand his secrets for drawing forth the magical properties of over twenty herbs. You'll discover how to:

Perform simple spells to bring about positive change
Harvest and cure fresh, natural herbs
Create potent herbal incenses, oils, tinctures, sachets, powders, and bath salts using age-old recipes
Identify a variety of both common and rare herbs on sight
Make herbal talismans to attract love, success, and money

Our Price $19.95

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